Life of a 9-5 is usually described as traffic, waking up early, and let’s not forget – WORK CLOTHES. Has this monotonous routine got you listening to travel stories from friends, wishing things were different? Maybe you don’t want to travel the world, but want to spend more time with your kids or family, or just seriously want a change. No matter what the reason, not every job is the same – Read on to find out exactly how (and If!) remote can work for you!

The first step is determining whether or not your job is possible to be remote. Let’s assume you’ve already done your research (I love to make an ass out of u&me) and know what remote is. (If not, feel free to take a quick look at this article (Insert definition article) before continuing further.) Many practices are converting to the absence in the office life, but obviously some jobs you need to be present for – Doctors, taxi drivers, chefs, etc.

When most people think of traveling, or working remotely, they think they have to quit their job or take loads of vacation – but many times, you can have both! Some jobs just don’t require sticking around in an office.

According to CNBC the top ten remote jobs are as follows:

1. Client services director

2. Speech-language pathologist

3. Business development manager

4. Software developer

5. Nurse

6. Account manager

7. Accountan

8. Writer

9. Teacher

10. Online tutor

Don’t be discouraged if you feel your position can’t be nomadic because if it isn’t already. Many people think they need to be a developer to be remote – but surprisingly, thats number four on the list!  Many jobs can be converted into remote. It’s just about using your resources!

Operate on the belief of “If there’s a will, there’s a way”  and find out how you can benefit your company or be productive at home. This could mean taking classes or thinking outside the box – with one of my companies that was NOT remote, I made it a good point that I could sell just as easily from home as I could from the office. Just because it hasn’t been done before, does NOT mean it’s impossible!

Step Two: Walking the talk – Of course YOU know that remote work could be easy – in theory. But do you ACTUALLY know you won’t just stay at home all day eating packets of ranch dressing? A useful tip by Tim Ferriss is to first PROVE with some type of Metric that you can actually be productive at home.

Start on a weekend day, without telling your boss and then analyze the results. This will prove to both yourself AND your boss that working from home could be a good thing.

For data that would make your Einstein daddy proud, reading the No Nonsesnse Guide to Productivity may steer you in the right direction.

Step Three: Little by LittleIf you want to find a remote job, or if you’re trying to convince your job to be remote, you have to PROVE yourself – this means providing value both inside and outside of the office. This means working overtime when no one expects you too – if you want to have the freedom, you have to earn the trust of the person you’re working for.

Once your superiors start taking notice, plant the seed to them how much you love your job, but how you wish traffic wasn’t so bad, less noisy/distracting ect. because you could be using that time to get more projects done. Planting seeds like this warms them up to the idea that productivity increases outside of the office. Gauge their reaction and see what their hesitancies are about going remote – Is it culture? Communication? Slacking off? Double down on proving these wrong when you experiment at home.

Step Four: The Big Canhoonahs: Time to gather up all the statistics and data you can, and make a formal presentation to your boss. Display the benefits of working from home, and start off slowly by proposing you work one day outside of the office – if they approve, more days can follow.

Continue building up this process until you have a steady stream of remote work or are working from home completely. Address the pain points your boss has and then be able to leverage walking away.

While going remote may not be for everybody, these steps will help ensure that remote work falls into the hands that deserve it the most. When you work hard inside the office, measure success, plant the seed and present – nothing is impossible. Try these tips out and tell us if you landed a job on digital-nomad Island!

Bonus: If they still deny you. Have you done all you can, proven yourself and have the ability to walk away? If not, this is a good time to reconsider remote work altogether. Why do you TRULY want to be remote? Is it because you day-dream of Instagram posts? Or are you TRULY more productive at home? You may find that working out a better deal with your boss (pizza on fridays, more vacation, etc) might be the right solution for you.

If not, and you’re still gun-ho about finding remote work -These references may be able to help!

Have you ever gone from 9-5 to remote? What tips helped you!? Comment below!

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