Expert connector.
International Speaker.

I wasn’t born to fit in. I was born to stand apart from the crowd.

I was sick of the 9-5. I was sick of being afraid to live my life. 

So I packed up my fears, hitchhiked across the country, bought a motorcycle and rode back. Oh yea..and I filmed the whole thing…

If hitch-hiking and motorcycling across the country wasn’t enough, I decided to dip out altogether and make my way to Bali with nothing but a dabble in crypto-currency. It was there I started talking to, and met a flame in my life who helped me create a way to reach out to those who also felt the internal pain that I did. 

After years of struggling with depression in the dark, I wanted to create a platform to reach out to those who felt like no one cared. It is still to this day that I struggle with this – but I KNOW beyond a shout, without a shadow of a doubt that I am only able to feel this HAPPY because I have felt this much pain. 

Things do get better. 

Network Speaker

Since 2017 I’ve now traveled to seven countries, and the list keeps growing. After a terrible heartbreak in the midst of July 2018, something snapped inside of me that made me truly reach out to the potential of my dreams. 

Since then, I’ve done at least one speaking engagement or interview per-week – And the list keeps growing. Check out Speaking Engagements  to see my latest work, or Contact Me to inquire about speaking engagements in the future!